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Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics


Madeleine Rees

Name: Madeleine Rees

College: Pembroke  


Supervisor: Prof Brechtje Post and Dr Matt Davis (co-supervisor)      

Research Topic: Individual variability in the relationship between speech production and perception systems in Spanish & English-speaking bilinguals



Madeleine is a second year PhD student in the Department of Theoretical & Applied Linguistics. Her research interests are based in psycholinguistics, particularly speech perception and speech processing, and in phonetics, speech production and language variation and change.



Madeleine’s PhD project, supervised by members of staff from both Linguistics and Cognition & Brain Sciences, aims to illuminate how different speaker groups (especially bilinguals) perceive and produce speech, in particular investigating the involvement of the motor system. The project also focuses on defining the individual factors which lead speakers to favour certain speech perception strategies. Concurrently, Madeleine is involved in side projects investigating phonetic variation in Chilean Spanish.



ESRC Pembroke 1+3 DTP scholarship; PaPE Best Student Oral Presentation



Li6 (Phonetics) supervisor; MPhil Experimental P&P seminar week 5 (Categorical Perception)


Conference papers

Rees, M. (2020). What is the relationship between speech perception and production in bilinguals? [Conference poster]. Cambridge Language Sciences Symposium, November 17th 2020. Retrieved from

Rees, M. & Post, B. (2021). Integration of vowel perception & production information in Spanish-English bilinguals: an experimental study [Conference presentation]. 4th Phonetics & Phonology in Europe, June 21-24, 2021 [online].



Rees, M. (2021). The palatalisation of the voiceless velar fricative in Santiago, Chile: a variationist analysis. JoULAB, 1(1), 34-55.


Other activities and roles:

Phonetics & Phonology Lab Seminar coordinator