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Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics


Stefania Costea


St John's



Professor Adam Ledgeway

Research Topic

The effects of contact on Moldovan Daco-Romanian syntax


CS1 (supervisor)

Conference Papers

Limba română vorbită în Republica Moldova. Aspecte morfosintactice (Bucharest, Romanian Academy, 5/12/2019)

Clausal DE-supines in Moldovan: the state-of-the-art (Cambridge, 48th Cambridge Romance Linguistics Seminar, 3-4/01/2020)

The syntax of Daco-Romance prenominal possessives: a minimalist account (poster) (Paris, Going Romance 34, 26/11/2020)

When Daco-Romance meets Russian: inter- and intralinguistic variation in clitic climbing (lightning talk) (Birmingham, Romance grammars, context and contact workshop, 24-26/03/2021)


‘Clausal DE-supines in Moldovan: the state-of-the-art’ (in press), Revue roumaine de linguistique.

Other activities and roles

Part of organizing committee: Anglia Ruskin – Cambridge Romance Linguistics Seminars

Secretary: Cambridge Linguistic Society