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Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics


Fanghua Zheng

College: Girton          


Supervisor: Prof Ian Roberts and Dr Theresa Biberauer

Research Topic: Functional Sequence in Mandarin Chinese Noun Phrases.



Fanghua is a third year PhD student in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics. She received her BA in English Language and Literature at Beijing Normal University and MA in Theoretical Linguistics at Peking University.



Fanghua is interested in the functional sequence in Mandarin Chinese noun phrases, especially the long-standing debate on DP/NP distinction cross-linguistically. She sets out to argue for a DP analysis for Mandarin noun phrases by looking at three major phenomena, including the syntax of plural morpheme -men, the reduplication of classifiers, and null subjects. Some of her side interests include Mandarin gei-VP construction and passives, Finnish morphological passives.



The Graduate Research Scholarship 2020-2022, Girton College

The Ruth Whaley Scholarship 2020-2022, Girton College



Li2 supervision: Introduction to Syntax

Li9 supervision: Advanced Syntax