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Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics


Jasper Sim


College: Jesus College                   


Supervisor: Prof Brechtje Post

Research Topic: Phonological acquisition of contact varieties of English in simultaneous bilinguals


About Me

Jasper is interested in social variation in language and language acquisition. His PhD project focuses on variation in child-directed speech and its impact on phonological acquisition in bilingual children.



Phonological acquisition in first and second languages

Properties of and variation in child-directed speech


Speech variability

Social variation in language

Language contact, dialects and ethnolinguistic repertoires



National Institute of Education (Singapore) Overseas Graduate Scholarship (NIE-OGS)



Sim, J. H. (2021). Sociophonetic variation in English /l/ in the child-directed speech of English-Malay bilinguals. Journal of Phonetics, 88.

Sim, J. H. & Post, B. (2021). Variation in quality of maternal input and development of coda stops in English-speaking children in Singapore. Journal of Child Language.

Sim, J. H. (2019). “But you don’t sound Malay!” Language dominance and variation in the accents of English-Malay bilinguals in Singapore. English World-Wide, 40(1), 79–108.


Other activities and roles

Co-convenor of the Cambridge Sociolinguistics Circle


Personal website