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Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics


Itamar Shatz

Photo of Itamar Shatz

College: Hughes Hall


Supervisor: Dr Dora Alexopoulou

Research Topic: The Potential Influence of Crosslinguistic Similarity on Lexical Transfer



Itamar primarily develops and analyzes large-scale language datasets using methods from the quantitative and computational social sciences (which sometimes overlap with the digital humanities). His focus during the PhD is on investigating the influence of crosslinguistic lexical similarity on language learners’ use of second-language vocabulary. Through various activities (e.g., in the Data Champions programme), he also engages with related topics, such as open research and science communication.



Itamar was so far the lecturer for two courses at Cambridge: Quantitative Methods for Analysing Language Data, a graduate course at the Linguistics department, and Making Sense of Statistics, a course taught through Cambridge Digital Humanities to students, researchers, and staff from across the university. In addition, he was also a supervisor for Cambridge’s course on First and Second Language Acquisition (Li15).



See Itamar’s Google Scholar profile for an up-to-date list of his publications.


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