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The Idea of the Republic in Poland-Lithuania: A Conversation with Robert Frost


11 December 2020

Online event


Cambridge Polish Studies and the University of Warsaw hosted a special conversation with historian Robert Frost (University of Aberdeen) about his work on the forthcoming second volume of his three-part Oxford History of Poland-Lithuania. The conversation will focus on the idea of the "republic" in early modern Poland-Lithuania.

Discussant: Stanley Bill (University of Cambridge)

Host: Paweł Stępień (University of Warsaw).


The full event can be viewed on YouTube.


Robert Frost has held the Burnett Fletcher Chair in History at Aberdeen since 2013. In 2009 he was awarded a three-year Research Chair by the British Academy and the Wolfson Foundation for his history of the Polish-Lithuanian union. Oxford University Press published the first volume of this study in 2015: The Oxford History of Poland-Lithuania, volume 1 The Making of the Polish-Lithuanian Union, 1385-1569. In July 2016 he was elected to the Fellowship of the British Academy, and began a three-year Leverhulme Major Fellowship to work on volume two (2016-2019). Volume 1 was awarded the Pro Historia Polonorum prize in 2017 for the best work on Polish History published by a foreign author between 2012 and 2017. It also received the 2017 prize from the Polish Foreign Ministry for the best foreign-language book on Polish history published between 2015 and 2017, and the Benedict the Pole prize, awarded by the Travellers Club. A Polish translation of volume one appeared in October 2018, published by Rebis. In 2020 Professor Frost was awarded the Knight's Cross of the Order for Merits to Lithuania, and was elected to the Fellowships of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, and the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences (Polska Akademia Umiejętności).