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New Perspectives in Memory Studies


18-19 December 2019

Clare College, University of Cambridge.


Cambridge Polish Studies is pleased to be a co-organiser of the "New Perspectives in Memory Studies" workshop in cooperation with the Cambridge-LMU Strategic Partnership Co-operation on “New Perspectives in East and South East European Studies” and Cambridge Ukrainian Studies.


18 December

Session 1

Chair: Hubertus Jahn

Nicky Kozicharov: Modernism in exile. Memory and repetition in Russian émigré painting

Darina Volf: Memory in comics in Eastern Europe

Eirini Diamandoulis: (Re)remembering Shostakovich. The shifting Western perspectives of the composer in the twenty-first century

Martin Schulze Wessel: Memory of World War II in Eastern Europe

Jon Roozenbeek: The memory of World War II in DNR and LNR media


Session 2

Chair: Emma Widdis

Anja Burghardt: Passing by layers of memory. Mariusz Wilk’s reportages on the Solovetsky Islands (1998)

Philipp Kohl: Phantom pain. Virtual body memory in Dmitry Prigov's prose

Riccardo Nicolosi: Historical materialism, contrafactuality and temporal anomalies. Vasilii Aksenov's ‘The Island of Crimea’ (1981)

Nick Evans: Kurganomaniia. Memory loss in the steppe


19 December

Session 3

Chair: Riccardo Nicolosi

Stanley Bill: Populism and memory in Poland

Chelsea Michta: Competing narratives of the Warsaw Rising of 1944 in the Communist era

Kai Willms: The Polish-Jewish memory conflicts in the American exile since 1939

Daria Mattingly: Savage Russians and cunning Jews. Cultural memory of the Holodomor's perpetrators

Horia Teodorescu: Oblivion and transfiguration. Fascism, culture and memory in post-war Romania


Session 4

Chair: Martin Schulze Wessel

Azamat Kumykov: Total recall. Edmund Spencer’s imaginary Circassia and the false memories it has spawned

Sarah Slye: Historical memory and making a common identity for Caucasian mountaineers after the February Revolution

Malika Zekhni: Curating the colonial memory. The Tsarist conquest of Central Asia as a museum exhibit

Tadek Wojtych: The creation of spatiality in Central European online museums