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Read more at: Cambridge Ukrainian Studies Exhibition Garners World Headlines
Diaries of Gareth Jones

Cambridge Ukrainian Studies Exhibition Garners World Headlines

In coordination with the Wren Library, Trinity College, and in partnership with Nigel Lisan Colley and Margaret Siriol Colley, Dr Rory Finnin (Director, Cambridge Ukrainian Studies) mounted an exhibition of the 1933 diaries of Gareth Jones , a Cambridge alumnus who was the only journalist to stake his name and reputation in exposing Stalin's brutal terror-famine of 1932-33 to the world.

Read more at: Exhibition 'Verse in Vision' Opens in Cambridge
Verse in Vision Exhibition

Exhibition 'Verse in Vision' Opens in Cambridge

In April-May 2009, Michaelhouse Centre was host to a special public exhibition of prints by world poet and artist Taras Shevchenko in celebration of the 195th anniversary of his birth. Hundreds of Cantabridgians viewed superb examples of Shevchenko's landscapes and portraiture as well as a short film celebrating the life...

Read more at: Ukrainian Studies Launched in Cambridge
Shevchenko in Kyiv

Ukrainian Studies Launched in Cambridge

‘Ukraine is in an important geopolitical position at the crossroads between East and West,’ said Finnin. ‘It has a vibrant literary tradition and a lively culture which, since its independence in 1991, has really begun to explore new directions. This is a very exciting time for scholars of Ukrainian literature and culture, and it’s an excellent time for Cambridge to be formulating a programme to study this remarkable country.’

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Lecture by Professor Michael Moser: Revisiting the History of the Ukrainian Language

9 February 2023

The lecture is a part of the Slavonic Section Series 'Rethinking Slavonic Studies.' Prof Moser will examine the history of the Ukrainian language, looking deep into its medieval roots. Although the Ukrainian language received its name comparatively late it is as deeply rooted in the past as any other Slavonic language...

New Books in Cambridge Slavonic Studies

30 September 2022

A presentation of five new books by Cambridge researchers in Slavonic and East European Studies.