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Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics


Weibing Ni

Name   Weibing Ni


College  Selwyn College




Supervisor     Charles Forsdick


Research Topic The Rhetoric of Creole Identity, Community Belonging and Racialisation: Haitian Neighbours and Asian Others in Francophone and Anglophone Caribbean Novels


This project investigates the (self-)representations of Sino-Caribbean, Indo-Caribbean, and Haitian immigrants in Francophone and Anglophone Caribbean literature. It provides a literature analysis of the novels written by authors including Maryse Condé, Raphaël Confiant, Jan Lowe Shinebourne, Patricia Powell, Victor Chang, Ernest Moutoussamy, Ramabai Espinet, René Philoctète, Edwidge Danticat. The project examines the complex interplay between Caribbean cultural hybridity and the persisting colourism, sexism, and inter-racial tensions resulting from the lingering colonial heteropatriarchal legacy. The project’s exploration of Caribbean cultural identities and modes of communities will complicate the elaboration on collective Creole identity in Éloge de la Créolité (1989), aiming to bring out the voices silenced by colonial history.


Teaching: Supervising Undergraduates for Soc12 – Empire, colonialism, imperialism