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Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics


Aurora Sturli

Aurora Sturli

College: St Edmund’s


Supervisor: Professor Helena Sanson



Aurora is pursuing a PhD in Italian Studies, and has a particular interest in women writers and the history of women in nineteenth- and early twentieth-century Italy. After a first degree in Romance Philology, she graduated in 2021 at the University of Bologna with a final dissertation on the depiction of female characters’ guilt in Grazia Deledda’s works. In 2019, she was a visiting student at Durham University as part of the Erasmus programme. Aurora also has experience in teaching Italian to non-native speakers, gained after an internship with the Italian Cultural Centre in Izmir.

She is the recipient of a Pigott studentship.


Research interests

Aurora specializes in women writers in in Post-Unification Italy. Her research aims to establish the influence of marginalization in the shaping of texts, ideas and literary topoi in four major Italian authors: Sibilla Aleramo, Grazia Deledda, Ada Negri and Matilde Serao. Her research adopts a comparative approach and aims to shed light on the process and context of textual composition, as well as on women’s status in society.  


Published works

Sturli, Aurora (2020). ‘Ricerche sul Libellus Augustalis di Benvenuto da Imola’, Filologicamente. Studi e testi romanzi, V, 65-78