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ITC2: Text and Culture

This paper is available for the academic year 2023-24.


Under the umbrella topic of "identity", as prescribed by the Faculty Board, students explore and interact in Italian with three or four sub-topics around the central theme, including themes such as society, art and culture, history, language, philosophy, geography, and politics. A three-hour examination will ask students to engage critically in written Italian with an unseen text on a topic of cultural interest related to the topics discussed in classes over the course of the year.

Aims and objectives: 

On completion of the course students are able to interact with authentic material thematically related to the general topic of “identity”. This material is selected from a variety of sources and presents a range of topics and styles. Students are able to produce a written text in accurate and stylistically appropriate Italian, which shows a very good understanding of the material, analyzes and comments on its language and cultural aspects, makes the relevant connections, and shows the ability to formulate a clear argument.

Course materials: 

The material for this course is a portfolio of authentic material organized by the teaching staff of the Department, taken from a variety of sources and organized thematically around the general topic of “identity”. This material is also integrated by further readings, language exercises and visual material available on the university virtual learning environment Camtools. The portfolio of material is organized for the development of writing skills in Italian, with specific attention to text analysis and long compositions, and further development of the necessary complex language structures to express opinions accurately and articulately.

Teaching and learning: 

The course is taught fortnightly in hour-long faculty classes (up to a total of 10 hours per year). Students may also have up to 4 supervisions on their written work for the paper. Students will be asked to submit up to 6 pieces of written work per year. They may also be asked to prepare an oral presentation on a relevant topic.

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For the 3-hour written examination students are asked to write a 1000 words c. reaction in Italian to one of two texts dealing with Italian identity. The exam tests their ability to comment on the chosen text (form and content), and to formulate an informed and clear argument on the topic(s) encountered. Candidates are expected to show connections between the identified topics and their cultural contexts, as they will have done in the class and supervision. Candidates are expected to produce their answer in a register appropriate for this purpose. Grammatical accuracy and idiomatic use of the language will be expected at this level. No use of reference material allowed in the exam room.

This paper will be weighted as 70% of a full paper.

Course Contacts: 
Dott. Claudia Domenici, Associate Professor in Italian