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New admissions to Modern Greek for the MML Tripos are suspended until further notice. However, existing undergraduate students can still take papers GR3 and GR6.


The Catherine Grigoriou-Theocarakis Prize for excellence in Modern Greek Studies was established in 2009 by Dr Nikolaos Theocarakis in memory of his late wife Catherine Grigoriou-Theocarakis. It forms part of a generous benefaction of £100,000 made by Dr Theocarakis to the University in 2009, to support the advancement of Modern Greek Studies. Both Dr Theocarakis and his wife studied at Cambridge. Catherine, who died in 2009, was a member of Girton College. After studying French and Linguistics at Athens University, she came to Cambridge to take a postgraduate course in Strategic Studies, graduating with an MPhil in 1987. She was an exceptionally talented linguist and an accomplished poet in both Greek and English.