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ITB3: Translation into Italian and Italian through audio-visual media

This paper is taken by Part IB students who took papers ITB1 and ITB2 (post A-level) at Part IA. It forms Section A of paper ITB3 and is assessed as 60% of that paper.

Aims and objectives: 

The purpose of the fortnightly translation class is to develop students’ ability to translate accurately and idiomatically from literary or journalistic English into Italian. 

Course materials: 

There is no set course book for this paper.  Passages for translation will be drawn from a wide range of different styles and registers. 

Teaching and learning: 

The translation class is held fortnightly in all three terms. It alternates with the ITAV classes. 

For the ITB3 Moodle site, please see here, and for ITAV, here. The password can be collected from the paper coordinator.


The examination lasts for two hours. Candidates are required to translate two passages of approx. 200 words each. In addition to grammatical and syntactical accuracy, the translations will be expected to show a good grasp of Italian idiom, and a sensitivity to register, style, and shades of meaning.

Course Contacts: 
Dr Lucia Cavalli