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PhD and MPhil



Recent PhD Graduates in Italian


Name College Thesis title Conferral Year Supervisor
Luigi Andriani   The morpho-syntax of Barese 2018 Prof Adam Ledgeway
Valentina Colasanti   Comparative morpho-syntax of the (Italo-)Romance varieties 2019 Prof Adam Ledgeway
Sara Delmedico   Women and their legal status in nineteenth-century Italy 2019 Prof Helena Sanson
Manuela Di Franco   American culture and the development of mass press in Fascist Italy 2019 Prof Robert Gordon

Aistė Kiltinavičiūtė

  Quanto natura a sentir ti dispuose’: Dante and the Senses of Personhood  2022 Prof Heather Webb
Serena Laiena   Giovan Battista Andreini (1576-1654) on Stage: Between Language and Intertextuality 2022 Prof Helena Sanson
Nicole Maniero   'The Role of the Anthropological Method in Italian Literature (1970-1985): Italo Calvino, Primo Levi and Gianni Celati 2022 Prof Robert Gordon
Valentina Mele   Guido Cavalcanti, Rime. A study on textual subjectivity. 2020 Prof Heather Webb
Nicolò Morelli   Animal imagery in Petrarch’s poetry and in that of his models 2019 Prof Heather Webb
Amelia Papworth   The lyric poetry of Laura Terracina 2019 Prof Abigail Brundin
Ryan Pepin   Dante, Liturgy, Lyric, and Performance 2020 Prof Heather Webb
Helena Phillips-Robins   Liturgical Song in Dante's Commedia 2017 Prof Heather Webb
Katherine Powlesland   Dante's "Commedia": towards Interactivity in 'Paradiso', with particular reference to Dante with digital narrative theory 2019 Prof Heather Webb
Maria Olimpia Squillaci   Greek and Romance language contact in Southern Italy 2017 Prof Adam Ledgeway
Eleonora Serra   Linguistic prestige in early modern Italy 2020 Prof Helena Sanson
Cameron Taylor   Complementation in the Dialects of Southern Italy 2018 Prof Adam Ledgeway
Katherine Tycz   The Use of Text in Early Modern Italian Domestic Devotions 2018 Prof Abigail Brundin
Anna Wagner   Margherita Costa: A 'Virtuosa' on the Literary Stage of the Seicento 2021 Prof Helena Sanson

Alessia Carrai


Uncovering classical mythology in Dante's Earthly Paradise


Dr Heather Webb

Mara Josi


16th October 1943: literature, history and memory


Prof Robert Gordon

Michele Maiolani


'The Role of the Anthropological Method in Italian Literature (1970-1985): Italo Calvino, Primo Levi and Gianni Celati


Prof Robert Gordon

Simone Monti

St Catharine's

The genre of Rime in morte in Renaissance women’s lyric poetry: Vittoria Colonna,
Veronica Gambara, Chiara Matraini and Francesca Turina.


Prof Abigail Brundin
Luigi Pinton Clare Witnessing the lives of others: Antonio Tabucchi's second-hand stories   Dr Pierpaolo Antonello

Elena Emma Sottilotta

St Catharine's

Women Writing Folklore: Politics of Folk and Fairy-tale Collections from Italian and Irish Islands (1870-1920)

  Prof Helena Sanson

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