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Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics


Orsolya Petocz

Orsolya Katalin Petocz

Photograph © Zsolt Székelyhidi


Name: Orsolya Katalin Petocz

Supervisors: Prof Emma Wilson and Prof Robert S. C. Gordon


College: Selwyn College



Orsolya Katalin Petőcz is a PhD student at the University of Cambridge. She explores queer testimonies across literature and the visual arts. She focuses primarily on the testimonies of survivors of World War II and studies the early texts of queer and trans theories in the context of which these testimonies emerge. Testimony and exile are returning themes of her work. Petőcz organises events in line with her research interests, amongst these is the Cambridge-based Queer Cultures Colloquium. Petőcz has published research articles in French Cultural Studies, in Journal of Italian Cinema and Media Studies and in Italian Studies. Petőcz is the coeditor, with Naomi Segal, of the volume Dwelling: Cultural Representations of Inhabited Places (under contract with Palgrave Macmillan for publication in 2024, based on the Cultural Literacy Everywhere Symposium 2022). Alongside her academic work, Petocz coaches table tennis and keeps up her passion for painting.

Teaching and supervision

Supervisor for the MMLL Part II CS5: The Body paper (2022-2024)

Supervisor for the MMLL Part IA Italian IT1: Texts and Context course (2022-2024)

Supervisor for the English Faculty Introduction to Italian Literature Part IB and Part II course (2022-2024)

Supervisor for the MMLL Part IB Italian IT4: Autobiography and Self-Representation in Italian Culture course (2022-2023)


I supervise dissertations for MMLL Part II and English Part II. Please do feel free to reach out at




Petőcz, Orsolya Katalin, 2023, ‘(Re)Tracing the Queer Bodies of San Domino: In Italia sono tutti maschi (2008) and The Red Tree (2018)’ Italian Studies, Cultural Studies Issue, vol 78, no 4, 513–531 (Taylor and Francis),

Jóźwiak, Karol and Orsolya Katalin Petőcz, 2023, ‘(Un)Desired Others: Eastern Europeans in Italian Post-War Cinema’, in Past and Present Intersections among Italian, Russian, Soviet and Post-Socialist Cinemas and Media, Journal of Italian Cinema and Media Studies, vol 11, no 3–4, 627–646 (Intellect),

Petőcz, Orsolya Katalin, 2022 ‘Love, Grief and Violence – A Study of Camille Kouchner’s La Familia grande (2021)’, in French Cultural Studies, vol 34, no 4 (SAGE),


Petőcz, Orsolya Katalin and Naomi Segal (eds), Dwelling: Cultural Representations of Inhabited Spaces (under contract with Palgrave Macmillan, submitted)


Colloquia and organised events

Co-organiser of Queer and Trans Testimonies: From the Holocaust to 2023, 21-22 November 2023

Convener and co-organiser of the English Faculty-based Queer Cultures Colloquium

Co-convenor and co-chair of the Philosophy Faculty-based Verstehen Colloquium