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FRAV: French through Audio-Visual Media

The aim of the course is to consolidate and expand the skills acquired at Part I. 

Aims and objectives: 

This course will give you the opportunity to engage with French culture by exploring historical and contemporary issues; the aim is to help you develop the language by focusing on culture and by analyzing how images are used by the media and various documentary directors. This course is not an introduction to film studies a such, but it will dovetail with CS6 and film components in other scheduled papers. No previous knowledge of film analysis is required.

The course will focus on listening comprehension skills (as the material used will be mainly video based), writing skills (you will be asked to summarize and/or react to the film you will have been shown) and oral skills (the film will be discussed in class - topic-based discussion as well as discussions of the way the film is constructed).

Course materials: 

Remember that a lot of multi-media material is available from the “online resources” listed in our Departmental website and from the Language Centre (LC Online, French listening comprehension). All the video clips used in the Practice lectures (with some specimen answers created through Powerpoint presentations) can be found in the MMLCamtools website.  Using this material is essential in order to improve your language skills - topic-based material is also a great way of finding out about topics you might never have had the opportunity to explore

Teaching and learning: 

Teaching is done via supervisions in College (4-6 supervisions per term), supplemented by a series of 8 culture lectures and 8 practice lectures. Attending both series of lectures is highly recommended to broaden your knowledge of French culture and to hone exam skills (same exam conditions).


In a one-and-a-half-hour paper, you will listen to a passage of recorded material in French (normally a video recording), during which time you will be allowed to make notes. After an interval, the passage will be repeated, and you will be required to answer in writing a variety of questions. The questions and the answers are all in French.

Course Contacts: 
Dr Hugo Azérad
Dr Christophe Gagne