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Cambridge Vertical Readings in Dante's Comedy

Dante vertical readings

Cambridge Vertical Readings in Dante's Comedy: A four year workshop and lecture programme


Beginning 18 October 2012 and continuing over four years, a team of Dante experts from the U.K. and abroad are carrying out a series of public lectures on the Comedy that explore the 'vertical' connections between cantos of the same number across all three canticles. This is the first time that this method of reading (a method that has been discussed by Dante scholars and executed very successfully in studies of single cantos) will be systematically employed to tackle the entire poem.

We ask your help in this endeavour. Please come along to the public lectures and bring friends, students, and colleagues. And please join in the discussions after the lectures. For those who are interested, workshops on single cantos will take place in the afternoons preceding the lectures.

We have partnered with the Dante Centres at Leeds and Notre Dame for this project; workshops will be led alternately by each of those centres and connected by teleconference. The project has been funded by the Department of Italian, Cambridge, and by Trinity College. We are also grateful to the Master and Fellows of Trinity College for the use of the Winstanley Theatre.

The Public Lectures are at 6pm in the Winstanley Lecture Theatre, Trinity College, Cambridge

Workshops will be held at 4.30pm, also in the Winstanley Lecture Theatre.


Programme for Lent Term 2016 

Thursday 21st January
Inferno XXX, Purgatorio XXX, Paradiso XXX': Prof. Piero Boitani (University of Rome, La Sapienza)

Thursday 4th February
Inferno XXXI, Purgatorio XXXI, Paradiso XXXI': Dr Catherine Pickstock (University of Cambridge)

Thursday 18th February
Inferno XXXII, Purgatorio XXXII, Paradiso XXXII': Prof. David Ford (University of Cambridge)

Programme for Easter Term 2016 

Thursday 21st April
Inferno XXXIII, Purgatorio XXXIII, Paradiso XXXIII': Prof. Rev. Rowan Williams (University of Cambridge)



Earlier lectures in the Vertical Readings cycle


Academic Year 2015-16

Programme for Michaelmas Term 2015 

Thursday 15th October
Inferno XXVII, Purgatorio XXVII, Paradiso XXVII': Prof. Ronald Martinez (Brown University)

Thursday 29th October
Inferno XXVIII, Purgatorio XXVIII, Paradiso XXVIII': Prof. Ted Cachey (University of Notre Dame)

Thursday 12th November
Inferno XXIX, Purgatorio XXIX, Paradiso XXIX': Prof. John Took (University College London)


Academic Year 2014-15

Programme for Easter Term 2015 

Thursday 23rd April
'True Desire: Inferno XXIV, Purgatorio XXIV, Paradiso XXIV': Prof. Janet Soskice (University of Cambridge)

Thursday 7th May
'Changes: Inferno XXV, Purgatorio XXV, Paradiso XXV': Dr George Ferzoco (University of Bristol)

Thursday 21st May
'The Poetry of Trespassing: Inferno XXVI, Purgatorio XXVI, Paradiso XXVI': Dr Elena Lombardi (University of Oxford)

Programme for Lent Term 2015 

Thursday 29th January
Inferno XXI, Purgatorio XXI, Paradiso XXI: Prof. Corinna Salvadori Lonergan (Trinity College, Dublin)

Thursday 12th February
Inferno XXII, Purgatorio XXII, Paradiso XXII: Prof. Giuseppe Ledda (University of Bologna)

Thursday 26th February
Inferno XXIII, Purgatorio XXIII, Paradiso XXIII: Prof. Peter Hawkins (University of Yale)

Programme for Michaelmas Term 2014 

Thursday 23rd October
Inferno XVIII, Purgatorio XVIII, Paradiso XVIII: Dr Anne Leone (University of Notre Dame)

Thursday 13th November
Inferno XIX, Purgatorio XIX, Paradiso XIX: Dr Ambrogio Camozzi (University of Cambridge)

Thursday 27th November
Inferno XX, Purgatorio XX, Paradiso XX: Dr Claudia Rossignoli (University of St Andrews)

Academic Year 2013-14

Programme for Easter Term 2014 

Thursday 1st May
Inferno XV, Purgatorio XV, Paradiso XV: SIMONE MARCHESI

Thursday 15th May
Inferno XVI, Purgatorio XVI, Paradiso XVI: MANUELE GRAGNOLATI

Thursday 29th May
Inferno XVII, Purgatorio XVII, Paradiso XVII: TRISTAN KAY


Programme for Lent Term 2014 

Thursday 30th January
Inferno XII, Purgatorio XII, Paradiso XII: CHRISTIAN MOEVS

Thursday 13th February
Inferno XIII, Purgatorio XIII, Paradiso XIII: ROBERT WILSON

Thursday 27th February
Inferno XIV, Purgatorio XIV, Paradiso XIV: CATHERINE KEEN


Programme for Michaelmas Term 2013 

Thursday 31st October
Inferno IX, Purgatorio IX, Paradiso IX: ZYGMUNT BARANSKI

Thursday 7th November
Inferno X, Purgatorio X, Paradiso X: KENNETH CLARKE

Thursday 21st November
Inferno XI, Purgatorio XI, Paradiso XI: PAOLA NASTI

Academic Year 2012-13

Programme for Easter Term 2013 

Thursday 2nd May
Inferno VII, Purgatorio VII, Paradiso VII: SIMON GILSON

Thursday 16th May

Programme for Lent Term 2013 

Thursday 31st January
Inferno IV, Purgatorio IV, Paradiso IV: JOHN MARENBON

Thursday 14th February
Inferno V, Purgatorio V, Paradiso V: ROBIN KIRKPATRICK

Thursday 28th February
Inferno VI, Purgatorio VI, Paradiso VI: CLARE HONESS


Programme for Michaelmas Term 2012 

Thursday 18th October
Inferno I, Purgatorio I, Paradiso I: GEORGE CORBETT and HEATHER WEBB

Thursday 8th November
Inferno II, Purgatorio II, Paradiso II: MATTHEW TREHERNE

Thursday 22nd November
Inferno III, Purgatorio III, Paradiso III: VITTORIO MONTEMAGGI

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