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Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics


Professor Robin Kirkpatrick

Robin Kirkpatrick
Emeritus Professor of English
Emeritus Professor of Italian
Faculty of Modern & Medieval Languages & Linguistics
Contact details: 
Telephone number: 
(+44) (0)1223 339151

Robinson College 
Grange Road 
Cambridge    CB3 9AN


Robin Kirkpatrick is Professor of Italian and English Literature and has written a number of books on Dante and on the Renaissance. He is particularly interested in the relationship between Italian and English literature from 1300 to 1600 and in the Modern Period. His verse translation of the Commedia with notes and commentary was published by Penguin Classics in 2006-7.

Published works: 
  • Dante. The Divine Comedy. A verse translation with introductory notes and commentaries. (Penguin) 
    1: Inferno (2006) 
    2: Purgatorio (2007) 
    3: Paradiso (2007) 
  • Afterlives now; A study of Paradiso Canto 28 in Envisaging Heaven in the Middle Ages ed. by C Muessig and A Putter. (Routledge 2007) 
  • The European Renaissance, 1400 - 1600. (Longman 2002)
  • English and Italian Literature From Dante to Shakespeare: A Study of Source, Analogue and Divergence. (Longman 1995)