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Cambridge Workshop on Voice




22-24 MAY 2017


This conference is a dissemination activity for the Aromanian Syntax (AROSYN) project which is funded from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement No 657663 to the University of Cambridge



8.00-8.45       Registration

8.45-9.00       Opening remarks

9.00-9.50       Julie Anne Legate (University of Pennsylvania)

                     On Passive Voice

First session

9.50-10.20     Michelle Sheehan (Anglia Ruskin University) & Sonia Cyrino (University

                      of Campinas)

                     On ECM, causation, perception and passivisation

10.20-10.50   Víctor Acedo-Matellán (Queen’s College, University of Cambridge)

                      Deconstructing agency: volitionality alternations in cognitive

                      perception verbs

10.50-11.20   Coffee break


Second session

11.20-11.50   Marta Donazzan (University of Köln)

                     Embedding anticausatives in Italian: evidence for Voice

11.50-12.20   Alfredo García-Pardo (USC)

                     Voicing Aktionsart

12.20-12.50   Ane Berro (University of the Basque Country/CNRS-Paris 8) & Anna Pineda


                      Apparent unaccusative unergatives in Basque (and Romance)

12.50-14.50   Lunch break

14.50-15.40   Florian Schäfer (HU Berlin)

                     Implicit arguments under control

15:40-16:10   Coffee break


Third session

16.10-16.40   Michela Cennamo (University of Naples)

                      Reflexives as (in)transitivity and voice modulators in Romance: aspectual

                      and thematic constraints

16.40-17.10   Howard Jones (University of Oxford) & Morgan Macleod

                     The status of passive constructions in Old English

17.10-17:40   Charlotte Hemmings (University of Oxford)

                     On symmetrical voice alternations: the case of Kelabit



9.00-9.50      Michelle Sheehan (Anglia Ruskin University) & Ian Roberts (University

                     of Cambridge)

                     A parameter hierarchy for passives


First session

9.50-10.20     M. Rita Manzini (University of Florence), Anna Roussou (University of

                      Patras) & Leonardo M. Savoia (University of Florence)

                      Middle-passive (MP) voice and its externalizations

10.20-10.50    Yohei Oseki (NYU) & Itamar Kastner (HU Berlin)

                      The Trivalency of Voice

10.50-11.20   Coffee break


Second session

11.20-11.50   Julie Anne Legate & Faruk Akkus (University of Pennsylvania)

                     Turkish “Double Passives”

11.50-12.20   Marwan Jarrah (Newcastle University)

                     Passive VPs as phases in Jordanian Arabic

12.20-12.50   Milena Sereikaite (University of Pennsylvania)

                     Flavors of Voice: Passives vs. Impersonals in Lithuanian

12.50-14.20   Lunch break

14.20-15.10   Ianthi-Maria Tsimpli (University of Cambridge)

                     Verb Classes or Voice morphology? Evidence from monolingual

                     and bilingual children's grammars


Third session

15.10-15.40   Giorgos Spathas (HU Berlin & University of Stuttgart)

                     No designated Voice for English reflexive anaphors

15.40-16.10   Ljudmila Geist & Daniel Hole (University of Stuttgart)

                     Binding by Voice


16.10-17.10   POSTER SESSION

                     Bashayer Alotaibi (Newcastle University) Voice and Aspectual Verbs

                     in Kuwaiti Arabic


                     James Baker (University of Cambridge) Latin deponents and

                     Romance unaccusatives


                     Ana Bartra-Kaufmann (UAB) Bare Passive infinitives in Old Romance


                     Walter Breu (University of Konstanz) & Anastasia Makarova (University

                     of St. Petersburg) The passive in Molise Slavic and the role of language



                     Imme Kuchenbrandt (Goethe-Universität Frankfurt) Syntactic and

                     morphological alternatives to the passive voice


                     Takuya Nakamura (Université Paris-Est, LIGM (UMR 8049 CNRS)) & Liana

                     Tronci (Università per Stranieri di Siena) Voice without semantic roles?

                     Remarks on some Romance media tantum constructions


                     Patrick Nuhn (Heinrich-Heine Universität) Towards a Better Understanding

                     of Peripheral Voice in Tagalog


                     Bert Remijsen & Otto Gwado Ayoker (University of Edinburgh) Voice and

                     valency in Shilluk, a head-marking language


                     Orsolya Tánczos (Research Institute for Linguistics, Hungarian Academy of

                     Sciences) The morpho-syntax of Voice in Udmurt: the case of the

                     suffix –s’k-


                     Anne Wolfsgruber (University of Salzburg) Reflexives and voice-related

                     phenomena: the role of text-type, language contact and null- subjects

                     in some Medieval Romance varieties


17.10-18.00   Delia Bentley (University of Manchester)

                     Result state adjectives: valence and voice

19.30-21.30   Dinner



9.00-9.50      Carmen Dobrovie-Sorin (Université Paris Diderot-Paris 7)

                    Implicit Agents and the Person Constraint on SE-passives


First session

9.50-10.20     Eva-Maria Remberger (University of Vienna)

                      Deontic passives in Romance and the case of Romanian trebuie făcut

10.20-10.50   Andra Vasilescu (University of Bucharest & Romanian Academy)

                     The Romanian Passive Voice Revisited

10.50-11.20   Coffee break


Second session

11.20-11.50   Mihaela Gheorghe (Transylvania University of Brașov & Romanian

                     Academy) & Alice Bodoc (Transylvania University of Brașov)

                     Middle Passive SE Constructions in Romanian

11.50-12.20   Ionuț Geană (Romanian Academy & University of Bucharest )

                     Voice in Istro-Romanian. Evidence from corpus analysis

12.20-12.50   Marios Mavrogiorgos (University of Cambridge)

                      Aromanian Reflexives and Reciprocals

12.50-14.50   Lunch break

14.50-15.40   Alexandra Cornilescu (University of Bucharest)

                     Remarks on Romanian Clausal Passives


Third session

15.40-16.10   Ion Giurgea (Romanian Academy)

                      Romanian se verbs: how much we can unify and how much is to be

                      assigned to the lexicon

16.10-16:40   Coffee break

16.40-17.30   Martin Maiden (University of Oxford)

                     The Morphology of Daco-Romance Passives. Is There Anything to Say?

17:30-17:45   Closing remarks


To download a PDF copy of the programme, please click here

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