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German and Dutch


PhD Students in the Section

Current PhD students

Name College Research Topic Supervisor
Amy Ainsworth Jesus The demonic and spatiality in German-language Modernism Dr Charlotte Woodford
Francesco Albé Jesus Queer (Dis)locations: Klaus Mann adn Weimar Homosexual Emancipation Literature Prof Andrew Webber
Dimitrios Antoniou Wolfson Friedrich Nietzsche and the Politics of the Good European Dr Martin Ruehl
Heide Baumann Lucy Cavendish Public and personal female identity narratives in Germany and Britain: Stories we tell to ourselves and of ourselves. Prof Sarah Colvin
Robert Britten Christ's Concepts of realism in the work of Bertolt Brecht Dr Charlotte Lee
Jennifer Caisley Peterhouse Questions of (im)materiality in Goethe's geological writings Dr Charlotte Lee
Catriona Corke Newnham The phenomenon of left-wing political violence in West Germany after 1968 Prof Sarah Colvin
Nicholas Courtman Jesus Time for Work: Ideologies, Histories and Representations of Work and Labour in German-language Literature since the 'Strukturbruch' Prof Andrew Webber
Thomas Crew St Edmund's Visions of Dystopia in German Literature, 1909-57 Dr Martin Ruehl
Lauren Dooley Downing The Translingual Turn in Contemporary German Literature Dr Godela Weiss-Sussex
Denise Henschel Jesus New Forms of Kinship in Contemporary German Culture Dr Leila Mukhida
Lotte Hondebrink Jesus   Dr Martin Ruehl
Maria Khan St Edmund's The social identity of Turkish-German secondary school students in Berlin through an encounter with Goethe’s Faust. Dr Charlotte Lee
Laura Langone Trinity Hall German Buddhism from Schopenhauer to Nietzsche Dr Martin Ruehl
Melina Mandelbaum King's

The Fictional Bürger: Citizenship in the German Novel

Prof Sarah Colvin
Anat Messing Marcus Trinity Hall

Spatialisation of Time: Temporalisation of Space: Architectural images and figures of ruins. 

Prof Andrew Webber
Syamala Roberts Jesus Conceptions of hearing in German modernist writing Dr Lucia Ruprecht
Daniella Schütze Jesus Fassbinder's cinema of provocation: getting the viewer to 'think' and 'feel' Dr Martin Ruehl
Miriam Schwarz Jesus Women's Friendships in Contemporary German and Anglophone Literature Prof Sarah Colvin
Kathrin Wunderlich Churchill Germany goes forth (again). German literature, identity and memory in the nexus of Vergangenheitsbewältigung and foreign policy ‘normalisation’ after 1999. Prof Sarah Colvin
Isabelle Zirden Clare Hall Contradictions of the 'I': The critique of capitalism, feminist selfhood and authorship in post-2000 plays by Jelinek and Röggla Prof Sarah Colvin