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Iryna Shuvalova

Iryna Shuvalova


St John's

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Current Post

Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Oslo (from August 2023)

Research: Past, Present, Future.

My research interests lie at the intersection of politics and culture in Eastern Europe. My current research explores how popular culture is utilized to construct the symbolic space of a ‘Russian Donbas’ in Ukraine’s territories occupied by Russia. In my doctoral project, I examined communities affected by the Russo-Ukrainian war through the prism of popular songs.

Selected Publications


(Forthcoming) Shuvalova, I. 2023. ‘”I Am Now a Knife”: Transgressive Femininities in the Songs of the War in Donbas’ in Unmaking the Vulnerable Female Subject: War and Rebellion in 20-21st C. Ukrainian, Polish, and Belarusian Art, Literature, and Music. Wilmington: Vernon Press.

Shuvalova, I. 2022. ‘Moskal's’, ‘Separs’ and ‘Vatniks’: The Many Faces of the Enemy in the Ukrainian Satirical Songs of the War in Donbas. East/West: Journal of Ukrainian Studies 9 (1): Ukrainian Culture and the War in the Donbas: 177-200.

Shuvalova, I. 2021. ‘The Timeless Opolchenets’: Popular Songs and the Making of the Donbas Insurgent. REGION: Regional Studies of Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia 6 (1): 103-134.

Shuvalova, I. 2020. ‘I Will Understand You, Brother, Just Like You Will Understand Me’: Multilingualism in the Songs of the War in Donbas. The Journal of Soviet and Post-Soviet Politics and Society 6 (1): 103-134.

Creative (book-length):

(Forthcoming) Shuvalova, I. 2023. Kinechni Pisni (Endsongs). Poems. Chernivtsi: Meridian Chernowitz

Shuvalova, I. 2020. Kaminsadlis (Stoneorchardwoods). Poems. Lviv: VSL.

Shuvalova, I. 2019. Pray to the Empty Wells. Poems. Sandpoint, ID: Lost Horse Press.

Shuvalova, I. 2014. Az. Poems. Kyiv: Elektroknyha.

Shuvalova, I. 2014. Os. Poems. Kyiv: Smoloskyp.

Shuvalova, I. 2011. Ran. Poems. Kyiv: Smoloskyp.

Creative (periodicals):

Shuvalova, I. 2023. ‘A moving grove’ in Words Without Borders.

Shuvalova, I. 2022. ‘Three poems’ in The White Review.

Shuvalova, I. 2022. ‘Learn to lose’ in Tupelo Quarterly.

Shuvalova I. 2022. ‘I pretend death doesn’t exist’ in Literary Hub.

Shuvalova, I. 2017. ‘Three poems’ in Modern Poetry in Translation.


  • Gates Cambridge Scholarship (2016-2019)
  • Fulbright Scholarship (2013-2014)

Other Teaching and Outreach

Languages (in addition to English)

Ukrainian, Russian – native proficiency; French, German, Polish, and Spanish – limited working proficiency.

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