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Recommended Spanish Dictionaries and Grammars

For use at all levels. Please obtain the most recent editions available.


Bilingual Dictionaries

The Collins Spanish-English Dictionary (Glasgow: HarperCollins)

The Oxford Spanish Dictionary (Spanish-English, English-Spanish) (Oxford: OUP)


Monolingual Dictionaries

Diccionario de la lengua española (Real Academia Española). Available online on:

Diccionario de uso del español, ed. María Moliner (Madrid: Gredos), [2 volumes - abridged version in one volume also available] 

Diccionario del español actual, comp. M. Seco, O. Andrés, G. Ramos, (Madrid: Aguilar) [2 volummes - abridged version in one volume also available]

Diccionario Salamanca (Madrid: Santillana)

Diccionario de ideas afines, comp. Fernando Corripio (Barcelona: Herder). [This is a very useful Thesaurus, similar to Roget's Thesaurus]

Redes: Diccionario combinatorio del español contemporáneo. Ignacio Bosque. Ediciones SM. 

El pequeño Larousse ilustrado (Larousse Kingfisher Chambers).

Diccionario de Autoridades, Real Academia Española (Madrid: Gredos). [For translating sixteenth and seventeenth-century Spanish texts].


A New Reference Grammar of Modern Spanish, John Butt and Carmen Benjamin (London: Arnold) [All you will ever want to know about Spanish grammar]

A Spanish Learning Grammar, Pilar Muñoz & Mike Thacker (London: Arnold) [For beginners and intermediate level]

Gramática básica del estudiante de español. Varios autores. Barcelona: Difusión. [For beginners and intermediate level. This grammar is also available in English from the same publisher: Students Basic Grammar of Spanish.]

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