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Dunja Fehimovic

Dunja Fehimovic

Dunja Fehimovic


Trinity Hall


I am currently working on a doctoral thesis in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese. My research investigates Cuban films released since 2000, looking at their articulations and reinterpretations of national identity, production processes and afterlives. Using existing discourses of Cuban national identity including Ortiz’s ‘cubanidad’ and ‘cubanía’, Bongie’s concept of island identity, Pancrazio’s logic of fetishism and Benítez Rojo’s ideas about repetition and order within chaos in the Caribbean, I explore how new generations of Cuban filmmakers are recycling rather than rejecting national identity. This project will not only constitute a much-needed update of Cuban cinema studies, which still so often focus on the so-called ‘Golden Age’ of the 1960s, but will also give a perspective on Cuba’s position within the current ‘postnational order’, as identified by theorists such as Appadurai. By balancing close readings of films with reflections on the changing nature of the film industry in Cuba, I aim to consider how, rather than rejecting national identity, new filmmakers’ work repeats with difference, or reconfigures existing patterns of Cubanness.


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  • Fehimovic, Dunja (Forthcoming 2016), 'Zombie Nation: Monstrous Identities in Three Cuban Films', in Guy Baron, Ann Marie Stock, and Antonio Álvarez Pitaluga eds., Cuban Cinema Inside Out: New Perspectives on Contemporary Production (I.B. Tauris)

  • Fehimovic, Dunja (2015), 'National Identity, Cinema and Nation Branding in Cuba', in Keith Dinnie ed., Nation Branding - Concepts, Issues, Practice (Routledge, 2015 [2nd edition]), 131-135.

  • Fehimovic, Dunja (2015) Not Child's Play: Tactics and Strategies in Viva Cuba and Habanastation’, in Bulletin of Latin American Research, 34:4, 503–516.

  • Fehimovic, Dunja (2014), ‘Review: Trumpets in the Mountains: Theatre and the Politics of National Culture in Cuba, Laurie Frederik (2012)’, in The International Journal of Cuban Studies, 6:2, 232-235

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  • Fehimovic, Dunja (2013), ‘Review: Cinema and Inter-American Relations: Tracking Transnational Affect, Adrián Pérez Melgosa (2012)’, in Transnational Cinemas, 4:2, 307-322.


  • Sp1: Introduction to Hispanic Languages, Literatures and Cultures (Department of Spanish and Portuguese, University of Cambridge)
  • Sp5: Topics in Latin American Culture and History (Department of Spanish and Portuguese, University of Cambridge)
  • SpB2: Translation from Spanish (for second-year undergraduate students) (Department of Spanish and Portuguese, University of Cambridge)
  • SpA2, SpA3: Translation from Spanish components (for first-year undergraduate students)  (Department of Spanish and Portuguese, University of Cambridge)
  • Sp13: Contemporary Latin American Culture (Department of Spanish and Portuguese, University of Cambridge)
  • IL1: Ibero-American Cinema (Department of Spanish and Portuguese, University of Cambridge)