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Handbook: Undergraduate Courses

In this section of the Handbook, you will find extensive information about the undergraduate courses in Spanish and Portuguese, whether you are ab initio or post-A-level in these languages. You will notice that thee is detailed information with set texts lists about Part IA papers only and descriptions of structure and contents of papers for Part IB. Consult our website for more detailed descriptions, reading lists, and learning resources for these papers. Learning resources are also available for Part IA papers.

Hispanic and Lusophone Studies at Cambridge consist of a mixture of cultural studies and intensive language work in Spanish/Portuguese, with more emphasis placed on language during the first year (Part Ia), particularly if you are a beginner (in which case you will concentrate entirely on language work for the whole of the first term). In later years, literary, linguistic and cultural studies (covering Spain, Portugal, Catalonia, Latin America, and Lusophone Africa) are given more emphasis than language work, although you are expected to maintain a high level of competence in written and spoken Spanish and/or Portuguese throughout your time here.

Please follow the links below to find out more about the courses available during your time here:

  1. Structure of Part I
  2. Language Work
  3. Supervision Guidelines
  4. Year Abroad
  5. Year Abroad Project
  6. Dissertations
  7. Options at Part II
  8. Questionnaires

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