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Lucy Foster

Lucy Foster photo

Lucy Foster


Jesus College


I am looking at visual and literary representations of the Mexican coastline, considering how they relate to notions of national identity and cultural validation, in the context of the inland-centric artistic and iconographic traditions of México.

My research engages with Border Studies – offering an alternative perspective to discourses dominated by Mexico’s northern and southern borders, suggesting that the coastline be seen as an alternative frontera - and Cultural Geographies of creativity, as well as with the work of social commentators and anthropologists, including Miguel Covarrubias, Roger Bartra and Carlos Monsiváis.

I am interested in how ‘living on the edge’ of a country might encourage creative transgressions and crossings over. I am currently looking at travelogues and crónicas (as far back as the sea voyages of the Spanish conquest and as far forward as the boat trips of this summer), photography, film, natural disaster narratives, and the poetry of José Emilio Pacheco, José Luis Rivas and Carlos Pellicer.