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Independent study in Portuguese, Spanish or Catalan speaking countries

Funds are available from Colleges to assist students in attending short courses abroad. Attendance at such a course prior to Part IB, usually during the Long Vacation between the first and second year, is regarded as essential for ab initio students. Post A-level students preparing for the Part IA oral may also find a short course helpful during the preceding Easter Vacation. The arrangements for obtaining such funds vary from College to College, and students should consult their Directors of Studies in the first instance. Tutorial Offices also have information (as published in the Reporter and also available in the University Statutes and Ordinances) about the J.B. Trend Fund which gives small travel grants to students visiting Spanish- or Portuguese-speaking countries in order to study the language, literature, etc. of the countries of their choice.

Please contact our Departmental Secretary for information regarding courses abroad whether you are about to come to Cambridge or you are already in residence.

See also the Faculty's Year Abroad website.