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PGB3: Translation into Portuguese and Portuguese through audio-visual media

Paper PGB3

Translation into Portuguese and Portuguese through Audiovisual Media

Paper PGB3 is made up of two distinct components: Translation into Portuguese and Portuguese through Audiovisual Media. Although each of these components has its specific aims and methodology, a common topic-based structure ensures that they form a coherent package.


This class is only available to Part IB (i.e., second-year students) who had an A-level or equivalent in the language when they arrived. In addition, if your other language (say, Italian) is ab initio, you can choose not to do this paper in Portuguese and instead do an extra literature/linguistics paper. If, however, both your languages are post A-level, then this paper, together with the Portuguese through Audiovisual Media, is compulsory.

You will practise the advanced exercise of translation into Portuguese (sometimes called Prose Composition) in a fortnightly class. Apart from giving you the skills and the confidence to translate complex English structures and registers into the foreign language, this class builds on your grammatical and lexical knowledge of the language through systematic practice and correction.

Paper PGAV

Portuguese through Audiovisual Media

IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ: AV Exam Faculty notice

This paper, like Translation into the language, is only for second-year students who did Portuguese Part IA Option B in their first year.

This course will give you the opportunity to engage with the Portuguese-speaking media and to explore current affairs issues relevant to the Lusophonic world while building up your vocabulary and your overall command of the language. The main linguistic skills we will be focussing on include listening comprehension and writing of argumentative texts. You will also be practising the skills of reading comprehension (summarizing texts, note-taking, etc.) and speaking.

This paper will be taught in a fortnightly class, combined with work carried out by students outside the classroom using a range of web-based resources.

The examination paper will require you to show an ability to understand a video clip (listening comprehension proper) and to engage critically in writing about the topic presented in the clip.

Remember that ample material is provided in the CALL FACILITY and in the Language Centre for self-study, from grammar-practice packages to films in the foreign language and satellite television. The more you make use of these facilities, the more you will improve your linguistic skills.

Literature/Culture/Language and other Portuguese resources.

Marking Criteria 

Past papers: MML Moodle site

Course contact: Mr Felipe Schuery