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Publications by staff in the Spanish and Portuguese Section

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La esfera del ingenio: las silvas de Quevedo y la tradición europea  (Estudios Críticos de Literatura y Lingüística) (Spanish Edition) eBook:  Casal, Rodrigo Cacho: Kindle Store

La esfera del ingenio: las silvas de Quevedo y la tradición europea 

Written by: Cacho, Rodrigo

Los géneros poéticos del Siglo de Oro

Edited by: Cacho, Rodrigo and others

Cruzando límites: la retórica de la traducción en Jacques Derrida 

Written by: Carreres, Angeles

Iola Leroy, o las sombras disipadas 

Translated by: Carreres, Angeles

Una larga canción 

Translated by: Carreres, Angeles

Mundos en palabras: Learning Advanced Spanish through Translation 

Written by: Carreres, AngelesNoriega Sanchez, Maria and others

Consuming Visions: Cinema, Writing and Modernity in Rio de Janeiro​

Written by: Conde, Maite 


Foundational Films. Early Cinema and Modernity in Brazil

Written by: Conde, Maite

Paulo Emílio Salles Gomes: On Brazil and Global Cinema

Edited by: Conde, Maite and others

Between Conformity and Resistance: Essays on Politics Culture and the State by Marilena Chauí


Translated by: Conde, Maite

Writing and Heritage in Contemporary Spain: The Imaginary Museum of Literature 


Written by: Davis, Stuart

Reading Iberia. Theory/History/Identity 

Written by: Davis, Stuart and others

The Modern Spanish Canon: Visibility, Cultural Capital and the Academy 

Edited by: Davis, Stuart and others

El Último Sultán

Written by: Drayson, Elizabeth

The King and the Whore: King Roderick and La Cava 

Written by: Drayson, Elizabeth

Book of Good Love, Juan Ruiz, Archpriest of Hita, new English

Translation and critical introduction, notes and bibliography by: Drayson, Elizabeth

The Lead Books of Granada

Written by: Drayson, Elizabeth

The Moor’s Last Stand: How Seven Centuries of Muslim Rule in Spain Came to an End 

Written by: Drayson, Elizabeth

Spain Beyond Spain: Modernity, Literary History, and National Identity

Edited by: Epps, Brad and others

Passing Lines: Immigration and Sexuality

Edited by: Epps, Brad and others

All About Almodóvar: A Passion for Cinema

Edited by: Epps, Brad and others



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Sex, Scandal, and Sermon in Fourteenth-Century Spain: Juan Ruiz's 'Libro de Buen Amor' 

Written by: Haywood, Louise

Culture Contexts/Female Voices

Written by: Haywood, Louise

A Companion to the 'Libro de Buen Amor' 

Edited by: Haywood, Louise and others

Thinking Translation: A course in Translation Method; Spanish to English

Written by: Haywood, Louise

The Subversive Psyche 

Written by: Kantaris, Geoffrey

Latin American Popular Culture: Politics, Media, Affect 

Edited by Kantaris, Geoffrey and O'Bryen, Rory 

The Admirable Adventures and Strange Fortunes of Anthony Knivet: an English Pirate in Brazil

Edited by: Kogut Lessa de Sá, Vivien

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Ingleses no Brasil: relatos de viagem, 1526-1608

by: Kogut Lessa de Sá, Vivien

A Heaven of Their Own: Heresy and Heterodoxy in Portuguese Literature from the  Eighteenth Century to the Present

Written by: Lisboa, Manucha

Uma Mãe Desconhecida: Amor e Perdição em Eça de Queirós. Lisbon: Imprensa Nacional-Casa da Moeda (2008), 219pp.

Written by: Lisboa, Manucha

Paula Rego’s Map of Memory: National and Sexual Politics

Written by: Lisboa, Manucha

Teu Amor Fez de Mim um Lago Triste: Ensaios Sobre os Maias

Written by: Lisboa, Manucha

The end of the world

Written by: Lisboa, Manucha


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Violence and Victimhood in Contemporary Argentine Culture  

Written by: Maguire, Geoffrey

New Visions of Adolescence in Contemporary Latin American Cinema 

Edited by: Maguire, Geoffrey and others

Catalan Cartoons: A Cultural and Political History, Cardiff: University Wales Press

Written by: McGlade, Rhiannon

Mundos en palabras: Learning advanced Spanish through translation 

Written by: Noriega Sanchez, MariaCarreres, Angeles and others


Literature, Testimony and Cinema in Contemporary Colombian Culture: Spectres of "La Violencia"

Written by: O'Bryen, Rory 

Latin American Popular Culture: Politics, Media, Affect 

Edited by: O'Bryen, Rory and Kantaris, Geoffrey

Latin American Cultural Studies: A Reader 

Edited by: O'Bryen, Rory and others

Liverpool University Press: Books: Transnational Spanish Studies

Transnational Spanish Studies

Written by: O'Bryen, Rory and Davies, Catherine

Crisis and Capitalism in Contemporary Argentine Cinema

Written by: Page, Joanna 

Creativity and Science in Contemporary Argentine Literature: Between  Romanticism and Formalism - University of Calgary Press

Creativity and Science in Contemporary Argentine Literature: Between Romanticism and Formalism

Written by: Page, Joanna 

Science Fiction in Argentina: Technologies of the Text in a Material Multiverse

Written by: Page, Joanna 

Posthumanism and the Graphic Novel in Latin America – UCL Press

Posthumanism and the Graphic Novel in Latin America

Written by: Page, Joanna and others

Visual Synergies in Fiction and Documentary Film from Latin America | M.  Haddu | Palgrave Macmillan

Visual Synergies in Fiction and Documentary Film from Latin America

Edited by: Page, Joanna and others



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Ralf & Demi – Uma história de duas metades (Quatro Cantos)

Written by: Schuery, Felipe

Intersected Identities: Strategies of Visualization in Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Mexican Culture

Written by: Segre, Erica 

Ghosts of the Revolution in Mexican Literature and Visual Culture 

Edited by: Segre, Erica 

Queer genealogies in Transnational Barcelona

Written by: Tanna, Natasha


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