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Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics


Dr Ioanna Sitaridou

Dr Ioanna Sitaridou

University Lecturer in Romance Philology in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese


Office Phone: +44 (0)1223 331943


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Research Interests

Ioanna Sitaridou is a lecturer in Romance Philology at the University of Cambridge and a Fellow and Director of Studies at Queens' College, Cambridge (tenured) since 2004. Prior to her Cambridge appointment she worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the Research Centre on Multilingualism at the University of Hamburg investigating word order in Old Romance, the licensing of subjects in Old French and the loss of null subjects in the history of French due to contact with Germanic (2002-2005). She received her PhD in Romance linguistics at the University of Manchester (2002). Her doctoral dissertation is entitled "The synchrony and the diachrony of Romance infinitives with nominative subjects". She also holds an MA in Linguistics from University College London (1998) and a BA in French Philology from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (1997) part of which was spent at the University of Lisbon (1997) studying Portuguese and Romance linguistics. Her main areas of research are synchronic and diachronic syntax of the Romance languages, but also of Greek varieties such as Pontic and Cypriot Greek. The issues she investigates are the relationship between syntactic change and acquisition, language contact, and micro-variation. Recently, she has been carrying out fieldwork on the Hellenic varieties in Pontus, Turkey, (re)discovering the last Hellenic varieties which have preserved the classical Greek infinitive to this day - for which she has been awarded a Stanley J. Seeger Visiting Research Fellow in Hellenic Studies at Princeton University (Spring 2011).