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Postgraduate Study in Linguistics

Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics


MPhils in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics

University of Cambridge


Please see the Applying to MMLL page for information on applications and funding.

The MPhils in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics (TAL)  


The following pages are designed to give you information on the content of the courses. Please see the Applying: MPhils in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics page for general applying information.

Please direct any enquiries regarding entry requirements and academic matters to the Graduate Administrative Assistant in the MMLL Graduate Office: and any enquiries regarding the technicalities of applying to the Graduate Admissions Office

There are two different MPhil courses

MPhil by Advanced Study (Course Code: MLM5)

The Advanced Study MPhil  is intended for students who wish to extend and deepen their existing knowledge of the language sciences and their application. It often serves as a bridge between undergraduate study and doctoral research, but is also suitable as a self-contained one-year course of study. The structure of the Advanced Study route aims to promote breadth of knowledge in linguistics and depth in selected areas.

MPhil by Thesis (Course Code: MLM9)

The By Thesis MPhil is for students whose knowledge of linguistics is already substantial, and who already know the area they wish to research for their thesis. To be eligible for consideration for the by Thesis route to the MPhil, a student will need (a) a broad foundation in linguistics, with depth in at least some subfields, and (b) a clear idea of the area in which the thesis will be written. Formal assessment is by a 30,000 word thesis alone submitted in June. 


Latest News

Cambridge Language Sciences supports ultrasound tongue imaging workshop for language scientists

11 October 2022

What does your tongue do when you speak? Dr Calbert Graham , Senior Research Associate in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics (part of MMLL) convened a workshop about ultrasound tongue imaging. Recent advances in technology mean that ultrasound is an increasingly useful tool for speech research. The two-day gathering...

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