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Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics


Prof Adam Ledgeway Elected Fellow of British Academy

Prof Adam Ledgeway

We are very proud to announce that Professor Adam Ledgeway was just elected as Fellow of the British Academy.

The academy writes of its new fellows,

“Fellows of the British Academy represent the very best of humanities and social sciences research, in the UK and globally. This year’s new Fellows are experts in subjects ranging from feminist theory to the economic development of Africa; medieval history to Indian philosophy and face perception.

The British Academy’s newest cohort of Fellows also reflects the growing diversity of research in the UK.”


Professor Adam Ledgeway currently serves as Professor of Italian and Romance Linguistics, Chair of the Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Fellow of Downing College. His area of research includes the comparative history and morphosyntax of the Romance languages; Italian and Romance dialectology; Latin; Italo-Greek; syntactic theory, linguistic change and language contact.