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Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics


A Glossary of the Norman Language in the Channel Islands

For the past three years, Professor Mari Jones has been engaged in some serious linguistic detective work on the Norman spoken in the Channel Islands. She has succeeded in reuniting several hundred index cards of linguistic fieldnotes, many of which were thought to be lost and which she eventually managed to track down outside the islands. She is compiling them into a comparative glossary of the Norman Language in the Channel Islands, due to be published next March, which is currently creating some excitement within the Channel Islands and in Mainland Normandy, and is currently the focus of what is proving to be a highly successful crowdfunding venture!


Professor Jones’s work has been receiving great interest in the media in Guernsey and Jersey. It has recently been featured in The Jersey Evening Post, and she has been interviewed on Radio Guernsey ( 2 hours and 21 minutes in). Read further about Dr Jones and her research on the Cambridge Language Sciences site.