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Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics


Human Time Interdisciplinary Workshop

Human Time: an interdisciplinary workshop on the metaphysics, psychology, semantics and pragmatics of time, Newnham College, 3 April 2020. Organizer: Kasia M. Jaszczolt


The purpose of the workshop is to generate interdisciplinary discussion on the nature and characteristics of human time, understood as experience, feeling, representation, or concept, approaching it from two different directions: (i) from the metaphysics of time ('real time') as discussed in philosophy, and (ii) from representation of temporal reference in natural language discourse as discussed in semantics and pragmatics. Topics include the question of whether pastness, presentness and future are properties of reality, that is whether real time 'flows'

and reality is 'tensed'; location in time and emotions; time metaphors and the phenomenology of time; the association of human time with modality and aspect; the relation between grammar and semantics in tensed and tenseless languages; temporality and truth; time and the self; and the nature of experiencing time.


Programme and abstracts:


Participation is free but prior registration is necessary because space is limited. If you are interested in attending, please email the workshop organizer, Professor Kasia Jaszczolt, before 15 March on Free registration includes tea, coffee and drinks reception. Lunch can be pre-booked or obtained in The Iris Café next door. All welcome but please only register if you are definitely going to attend.