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Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics


Pathways to Global Education Work

Pathways to Global Education Work

Saturday, 20 Feb, 17:30-19:30      

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Meeting ID: 410 673 6507



Elena Natale (MML 2016): "Local but Global: the meaning of school settings"

Selina Komers (MML 2017): "European but Global: educational projects between borders"

Olivia Burns (MML 2016): "Global but Local: contextualising international learning"


Hunadda Sabbaggh (MML 2017)  



We are pleased to share this exciting event, Pathways to Global Education Work, coming up on 20 February at 5:30pm

Elena, Selina, and Olivia will talk about their experiences with teaching worldwide, graduate studies and working for NGOs, always juggling between the global and the local.

This event is meant to raise new questions about Global Education and working for NGOs, as well as to share advice. Hunadda will chair the Q&A and steer the discussion, bringing in her own extensive experience working for the UNHCR. Our speakers will relish the opportunity to answer all your questions and meet with you (albeit virtually!). This event is also an opportunity to get together as linguists and think how Education, ethical engagement, and languages can move the world and be moved by it.