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Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics


Teaching Translation in the Age of AI

At an event on March 18, focusing on AI and its impact on the teaching of translation, we heard from three speakers. Marcus Tomalin (University of Cambridge) started the afternoon with a talk on Generative Artificial Intelligence and Multimodal Translation. The 2nd speaker, Dorothy Kenny (Dublin City University) reflected on past and future uses of machine translation in a talk titled Where is this all going? MT in language learning and translator training.  We finished with Thierry Poibeau (CNRS Paris) and his talk On some consequences of the recent evolution of machine translation on translation and language pedagogy.

Photo: Dorothy Kenny, Marcus Tomalin and Thierry Poibeau

The audience of over 50 people brought together translators, academics, teachers, PhD students and others interested in questions concerning the use of AI in (not just Modern Language) teaching.

We would like to thank the Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics for supporting the event – and we would like to thank the speakers for sharing their ideas, research and questions with us.

Angeles Carreres, Christophe Gagne and Silke Mentchen