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Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics


Dr Ruth Chester

Affiliated Lecturer
Faculty of Modern & Medieval Languages
Contact details: 

Following a BA in English Literature (UEA) and an MPhil in Medieval Language, Literature and Culture, (Trinity, Dublin), Dr Chester came to specialise in medieval European literature and culture and in particular the work of Dante for her PhD (Leeds).  

Teaching interests: 
  • Translation from Italian to English
  • Dante and medieval culture
Research interests: 
  • Literary Translation
  • Literature as ethical practice and tool
  • Pilgrimage


Recent research projects: 
  • Space in Dante’s Vita nova
Published works: 
  • Dante Alighieri, Purgatorio, translated by Stanley Lombardo, introduction by Claire Honess and Matthew Treherne, notes by Ruth Chester (Indianapolis: Hackett Publishing Company, 2016)


  •  ‘Dante’s Virtù: Creation, Embodiment and Revelation’, Italian Studies, Vol. 70 No. 1, February 2015, 19–32


  • ‘Dante’, in The Year’s Work in Modern Language Studies, MHRA Vol. 75, 2015 (survey year 2013), pp. 269-277


  •  ‘Virtue in Dante’, in Reviewing Dante's Theology: Volume 2, ed. by Claire E. Honess and Matthew Treherne (Berlin: Lang, 2013), pp. 211-52