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The MML Course

Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics


MML: The Second Year

The Second Year: Part IB

Language-work continues in your ab initio and A-Level languages.

You now have a lot of freedom and flexibility to make selections from the Faculty’s range of scheduled papers for Part IB, focusing on the periods and topics that are most interesting to you. You will continue to develop your analytical skills: throughout the year you will approach texts, films and images with a deepening understanding of their historical and cultural context and learn more about critical and theoretical approaches to textual and cultural analysis.

As well as papers in literature, culture and history, there are papers relating to the history and structure of the languages you are learning. You can also pick papers from the Linguistics Tripos.  In other words, if your main interest is linguistics, you can begin to focus primarily or exclusively on that now alongside your language work.    

In the second year you also have the opportunity to add a third language, if you wish. You can, subject to availability, choose to take an introductory course in a language and culture you haven’t studied before. The languages currently on offer are Catalan, Dutch, Modern Greek, Polish, Portuguese and Ukrainian. Note that we cannot guarantee that places on these courses will be available to all students.

There are written exams again at the end of the year, but if you prefer coursework, you also have the option (in some papers) to offer two Long Essays written during in the year instead of the final exam.

The Third Year Abroad