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Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics


MMLL Alumna featured in French Culture Lecture Series

Natalie Sauer

The investigative journalist and MMLL alumna, Natalie Sauer (Homerton 2013), delivered an engaging presentation as part of the French Culture Lecture Series for second-year French students on the 23rd of February. Natalie, whose expertise lies in environmental issues, focused on a study concerning invasive species, particularly red fire ant colonies. These ants are considered one of the most destructive species by the scientific community and pose a potential threat as they could spread throughout Europe.


During her talk, Natalie discussed an article she wrote for the renowned French daily newspaper Libération, which was prominently featured on the front page on January 23rd. Her article delves into the reaction following the discovery of red fire ants in Sicily and highlights the slow response of health authorities to this alarming situation.