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Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics


Modern French Research Seminar welcomes Harvard Prof Giuliana Bruno

Friday 28th April at 5:30pm in the McCrum Lecture Theatre, Corpus Christi College

Giuliana Bruno (Harvard) presents her new book that considers the interrelations of projection, atmosphere, and environment.

What is an atmosphere? What do atmospheres project? How do they create an environment? Atmospheres of Projection: Environmentality in Art and Screen Media explores the histories of projection and atmosphere in visual culture and their continued importance to contemporary artists, filmmakers, and architects who are reinventing the projective imagination with atmospheric thinking and the use of elemental media. Bruno traverses psychoanalysis, environmental philosophy, architecture, the history of science, visual art, and moving image culture to see how projective mechanisms and their environments have developed over time. In so doing, she gives new life to the alchemic possibilities of transformative projective atmospheres. Showing how their "environmentality" produces sites of exchange and relationality, this book binds art to the ecology of atmosphere.


"Moving with mercurial fleetness and animation across alchemy, geometry, mathematics, psychoanalysis, architecture, and ecological thought, Bruno reveals how projection is bound, not to the sharply defined planes and angles of perspective thinking, but to the dispersive permeations of environments and milieux." - Steven Connor, University of Cambridge