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Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics


CRASSH/CIRN symposium: 'Islands as crossroads: reimagining mobilities in the Mediterranean'

A symposium convened by the CIRN Intesa Sanpaolo Fellow 2023-24, Giovanna Di Matteo.

14 March 2024, 9:00 - 18:00

SG2, Alison Richard Building (7 West Road, Cambridge)


Scholarly literature on islands and mobilities is not a recent phenomenon. Indeed, even though islands are often described as remote and isolated, separate from macro-histories and global geographies, scholars have demonstrated how they are fully immersed in the logics of globalization and engaged with both human and non-human mobilities and immobilities.

Today, we find ourselves in a time of crises where climate change poses a threat to both human and non-human life on islands and the mainland. Simultaneously, war and violence encroach upon the shores of the Mediterranean and further away around the world. Rather than dismantling barriers, artificial islands are constructed to segregate those deemed unworthy of residing in our democratic Europe. Global relations and connections are primarily harnessed to fuel a capitalist economy, benefiting the few at the expense of the many.

In this complex context, islands, with their rich and intricate current realities and histories, emerge as products of this world. They possess the ability to reflect it, revealing hidden aspects and serving as exemplary sites for experimentation. Despite and through these challenges, islands still have much to teach, offering valuable insights to guide us towards a collective reflection on better futures for all.


Confirmed speakers
Anastasia Christophilopoulou – Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge
Arturo Gallia – Università Roma Tre, Roma
Stefano Malatesta – Università Bicocca, Milano
Marco Nocente – Università Bicocca, Milano
Nicola Montagna – Università degli Studi di Salerno
Giovanna Di Matteo – Gran Sasso Science Institute, L’Aquila/University of Cambridge
Elena Emma Sottilotta – University of Cambridge
Lavinia Gambini – University of Cambridge
Marthe Achtnich – University of Cambridge (tbc)

In beloved memory of Prof. Federica Letizia Cavallo

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