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Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics


Events celebrating the Art of Ruth Rix: Cross Connections

seminar room with presentation

The first of three events accompanying the exhibition Cross-Connections was a great success. After visiting the exhibition in Magdalene College’s Robert Cripps Gallery, visitors gathered in a packed seminar room to listen to Professor Georgina Paul and the artist Ruth Rix in conversation. Guided by their exchange, the audience went on a visual journey, gaining insight into some of Ruth’s techniques, motivation and development as an artist.

Thanks to the support of the German Section’s Schröder Fund, this event got the series off to a very good start!


The next two events are:

Saturday, 25th of Feb: After Abstraction

and Friday, 17th of March: Discovering the Living Space.

Join us for these free opportunities to experience the art of Ruth Rix. Information about the events and details of the exhibition can be found on the gallery’s website:

(Thanks to Prof Helena Sanson for the photo.)