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Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics


Dr Txuss Martin

Affiliated lecturer
Theoretical and Applied Linguistics
Faculty of Modern & Medieval Languages & Linguistics
Contact details: 

Faculty of Modern & Medieval Languages and Linguistics
Raised Faculty Building
University of Cambridge
Sidgwick Avenue
United Kingdom


Prior to his Cambridge appointment in 2018, Dr Txuss Martin worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the Language & Mental Health project at the University of Durham, investigating the role of the human faculty of language in the creation of referentiality and consciousness, i.e. how the structure of language creates reference to world and how that structure creates the formal ontology defined by human consciousness.

Dr Martin graduated in Linguistics and Philosophy at the University of Barcelona in 2004, subsequently entering the MA programme on Cognitive Science and Language at the same university. He received a PhD in Linguistics at New York University in 2012 with a dissertation entitled Deconstructing Romance Object Clitics, under the supervision of Prof. Richard Kayne.

Research interests: 
  • Syntax-semantics interface: quantification, polarity, event structure, information structure.
  • Syntax-morphology interface: internal structure of (pro)nominals in Romance and Germanic languages, distributed morphology
  • Philosophy of grammar: language, cognition, and consciousness.
Recent research projects: 
  • Language and Mental Health: linguistic phenotypes across mental disorder​
  • UnCartesian linguistics
Published works: 


  1. Principia Grammatica. A Kantian Turn in the Study of Language. [In preparation].
  2. Deconstructing Clitics [Manuscript] (2019).
  3. El clític datiu és més que un clític.” II International Prize for Research on Catalan Linguistics (with Cedric Boeckx) [Published in Catalan and in English] (2012).
  4. The Biolinguistic Turn. Issues on Language and Biology (with Joana Rosselló). Barcelona: Publicacions Universitat de Barcelona (2006).


  1. De se or not de se: A question of grammar (with Wolfram Hinzen) Language Sciences (2020) [DOI:].
  2. The cognitive function of determination (with Kristen Schroder & Wolfram Hinzen). To appear in Armoskaite & Wiltschko (Eds.) Oxford Handbook of Determiners. Oxford University Press (2019).
  3. On deixis and entropy. [Manuscript] (2017).
  4. The grammar of the essential indexical (with Wolfram Hinzen). Lingua 148: 95-117 (2014).
  5. Conciliating modern evolutionary theory and language evolution research” (with Lluis Barceló-Coblijn). In McCrohon, Thompson, Verhoef & Yamauchi (Eds.) The Past, Present and Future of Language Evolution Research. Evolang 9 Organizing Committee, 100107 (2014).
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